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Every session at Holistic Bodywork comes with more than massage & craniosacral. The great thing about it? Theres no up-charge!
-Postural Assessment (better opportunity to find the problem to your discomfort and offer corrections)
-Ashiatsu. Barefoot Massage (Massage with therapist feet. Only if c...

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Postural Assements

Another reason it comes FREE with every session? Well, when it comes to strengthening weak muscle groups to correct your posture, never assume. I'm sure we're all pretty aware of that famous Assuming quote. It's true 😅. You want to be sure the muscle groups you're strengtheni...

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The goal with Holistic Bodywork is to not only help the healing process, but to help people understand how to heal themselves. It starts with us. .
The specificity of the bodywork allows deeper understanding of the problem and why it is there. This information is given to the client and it give...

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Desk Work. We're all pretty aware of what sitting can do to the body- From low back pain to tightening of the pec muscles.
A few things we do not think about:
-Rotation in the spine to face the direction of our screen or work
-Strain in the neck to look down or lean into our work or the scree...

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What are the benefits of bodywork?
-Encourage the circulation of oxygen and nutrients into vital organs
-Lessens depression & Anxiety
-Eases chronic pain
-Acts as preventative care
-Helps with Digestion -Lymphatic care which helps with diseases
-Respiratory issues
-&Many more

This package includes Four Massage and/or Craniosacral Therapy Sessions. With this package you will receive an extra 15 minutes with each session. You have a choice of having 60 Minute and/or 90 Minute sessions. The therapist will speak with you on scheduling after your first session.

There wil...

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Many people have pain, tingling, and/or numbness down the inner arm and it often sneaks into the pinky and ringer. You may feel this after sleeping (laying on the arm) or action to the triceps. .
Massage, stretching to the tricep amd pec muscles, & heating will all help this discomfort

Did you know people have found Craniosacral helpful for:
-Digestive Problems
-Arthritis -Allergies
-Spinal Problems
-TMJ Disorder
-Cerebral Palsy
-& other dysfunctions .
Everyday our body endures stress and creates tension and dysfunctions in our body. Craniosacral...

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Most of us spend a great deal of time driving. When we do this often, we may feel pain in the neck/upper shoulders and around the shoulder blade. This comes from the shoulder & arm muscles being in constant flexion and medial rotation to keep the hands on the steering wheel.
So maybe try the h...

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6 months ago
Erica is very gentle, makes you very comfortable and helps you understand how everything works. She truly is a master of her craft! I can tell a huge difference from before I started up until now. I will be a loyal customer of hers for a very long time! I recommend to anyone who is looking for the services that is offered at Holistic Bodywork to give her a try, I guarantee you’ll be back!
- Michelle B
7 months ago
I have an autoimmune disorder. Stiff joints make mobility challenging at times. Plus I have scoliosis, which makes it tough to keep my body balanced. After Erica’s massages, I always leave feeling so much better. She helped to keep me going through my yoga teacher training, when asana (physical practice) was intense and I questioned whether I could get through it. She always seem to know exactly where to massage to get muscles to release and pain to go away. And the most interesting thing is that she doesn’t go right to applying deep pressure (like I’ve had many other massage therapists do). She gently works into a muscle. This way I still get good results and I’m not sore from the massage like I’ve experienced with others. I am 💯 loyal to Erica at Holistic Bodywork now!
- Jessica H
7 months ago
My experience with Holistic Bodywork was dynamic and very satisfying. I came to Erica with a great amount of pain in my neck and upper back. Erica explained to me where the pain was deriving from, which was specific muscles that she named and relaxed with her magical hands. Thank you Erica!
- carrie w

Healing & Encouraging Self Healing

Owner and founder, Erica Ware, strives to make Holistic Bodywork consist of a calming & relaxing atmosphere. Holistic Bodywork provides Massage Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy, both encouraging a holistic treatment and healing of the whole person: energetically, emotionally, and physically. Each session includes Ashiatsu massage, tailored session to your needs, postural assessment, after care suggestions, and craniosacral therapy. No up-charge. 

Mission: The goal with Holistic Bodywork is to not only help the healing process, but to help people understand how to heal themselves. It starts with us.

The specificity of the bodywork allows deeper understanding of the problem and why it is there. This information is given to the client and it gives them ability to understand why this injury comes or this pain stays- whether physically, emotionally, mentally.

They begin to understand how to heal themselves. This information may help you see what you may do throughout the day and possibly make changes to encourage pain management (low back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, neck pain) & injuries (muscle strain, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, low back strain, rotator cuff tear, carpal tunnel, etc.).

Patience is key with bodywork. We have so much chronic pain these days because we only look to fix the symptoms. While we are fixing the symptoms, the problem is attacking in another way. Postural assessments and patience is used to help find where the problem derived. Patience within bodywork allows the muscles to release when it is ready instead of forcing and causing further injury. The body will always inform you when there is a problem and where it is located.

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